FROM: NaptimeWithCydney

Something Stable
I have a situation and I Feel like it’s gonna get very bad. One of my friends has things going threw things in their life right now and I feel like the other one is going to switch up. I only have 5 friends so as you can see i don’t like to surround myself with new people, or people i can’t trust, or people that i feel are fake. I have a feeling i’m about to loose a really close friend in my circle and it’s kind of concerning me. I am not sure yet why or how they’re gonna switch up but I guess i will figure it out soon. On to the friend that’s having problems in their life, literally everything is about to change. I feel like my whole life is changing for no reason and i just want it to stop. I’m done with things changing so much, for the first time I do not want to go on any roller coasters i just want to keep walking on the floor. I know that probably did not make any sense but it will in the long run
Hope you had a good nap:)

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