TO: Mustache

A few week ago I went out with one of my friends and we saw this guy with a mustache like Waluig’s. It was pretty cool. It curled up and everything. he looked so cool too. He just he had this hipster vide to him. He was wearing this really cool clear glasses and his… Continue reading TO: Mustache


TO: The Waitress

I'd like to apologize for the people I was with for giving you a hard time. I can only imagine how hard waitressing can be and customers like the ones I was with must only make it worse. They complain about every little thing and always ask to see the manager in hopes of getting… Continue reading TO: The Waitress

TO: Someone That’s Gone

This post is more on the sad side. Recently something happened to me. If you read the rest of the post you can probably figure out what, but some one I really care about suddenly just left. I mean physically they're still around but emotionally they're gone. They still say that want to be there… Continue reading TO: Someone That’s Gone