TO: Coach X

There was this team I played today at a volleyball tournament, and man their coach was mean. She was rude and did unnecessary things. She was also part of the reason we lost one of our games. She just got me really mad. There was a point that OBVIOUSLY landed out but then hit a… Continue reading TO: Coach X


TO: #10

One of my volleyball teammates got hurt at a tournament. She landed on top of a ball. There was this girl on the other team, #10, that was laughing as her when she fell. My teammate was crying. #10 saw that and started laughing. I swear I wanted to take the ball and spike it's… Continue reading TO: #10

TO: Readers

Hi. I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately. I'm supposed to post at least twice a week but I just really have been slacking off. I'm sorry. I'm back now though, and I'll be sticking to my schedule. Okay. Byeee. Sincerely, Navi